Walnuts And Raisin, very tasty mixer

I have noticed that many, are trying new types of mixers of nuts and dried fruits.


It is OK to keep having the same thin over and over, but for couple of months, I have been eating this mixed walnuts an raisin, and I can not stop.


Usually when you have a some walnuts, you feel stuffed with a dray mouth.



And if you try to have some raisin, you will feel sweetened, and you can not have more too.

mixed walnuts andd raisin


I'm telling you from my short time of testing mixing them, I can go for the night, having them both, while reading, or watching TV.


Some people are forced to skip lunch at work, as they will have that feeling of sleepy after the break, I'm one of them, so usually I do find something light and healthy to eat, which keep my brain active.


Since I find out about the nice taste of the walnuts and raisin, I do keep that with me at office too. every one at work I had them to have a test of that, they find that it has a new fascinating taste, even my home guest too.


mixed walnuts and raisin خلطة جوز القلب مع الزبيب الحبيب



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